Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Good v Bad. First impressions of BsAs

Cafe con Leche. Amazing. With 3 different sizes of coffee available. And often coming with orange juice, water, biscuits all included. Amazing...
£3 bottles of decent wine in restaurants. The way it should be, but hard to resist!
Nationwide not charging us for overseas transactions. A stroke of genius on our part and well worth all the research into moving bank accounts!
Rent being 1/4 of UK prices. We'd never get an architects apartment otherwise!
The love of horses. Yet to capitalise on this one... but I'm looking into lessons as we speak!
Transport prices. Trains costing 18p for an hours journey! Tube being 18p too. Unbeatable.
The sun. And the sky. Clear as glass. Beautiful.
Leather bags. Eel's already snagged a beauty that she's thrilled with.
UK bands and acts playing over here... and being able to get tickets easily and at cheaper prices!
Tango. everywhere.... now we just have to learn it ourselves!
Fruit shops with all the strawberries laid out in lines. Seems a shame to eat them!
Receiving long emails.
Buying jeans in the supermarkets! Amazingly cheap prices... but don't tell everyone!Learning spanish.
I feel I'm using my brain daily which I love.
Circus classes... we're thinking about doing trapeze classes instead of joining a gym!
The fact that the supermarket is called DISCO!
The Espactulous (the spelling is wrong I think.. but it means what's going on) in every paper daily.

Cheese in everything. Very hard to avoid.
A slight paranoia about being robbed! With lots of warnings from lots of locals.
Clothes prices in BA. As pricey as London!
The tube closing at 11pm. Very early indeed!
English films being on TV constantly. Hard to resist, and bot helping my spanish!
Waiting for hair to grow long... Edel's choice obviously!
Never being able to get change for anything, and buses ONLY taking coins!
Dog poo on every street. Everywhere!
The bus timetable being as hard to crack as Enigma!
Phone call prices. Extortionate!
Relying on the internet constantly!
Having such a restricted wardrobe. I get very bored of the same 6 shirts!
The fear of just how much there is to do in this continent. So much to do. Such little time.

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